Sunday, 2 March 2008

Life in the capital

Another incredibly long gap. I don't seem to be very good at blogging, do I?
So I've moved to London which is good, overall.
It sure is a tough city to crack though. phew.
Jobs hard to come by, rent is bloody impossible to pay.
Hence it is that I am teaching English and living in a shared attic room.

Looking on the bright side though;
there are loads of amazing opportunities
you see the weirdest stuff in the street
i get to catch up with people i haven't seen or spent time with for ages
museums and art galleries are predominantly free
there's a nice mixture of people
nightbuses are a lifesaver
and, you get the idea that if you wanted to have a secret life here, you really could. No one would know.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

the journey home

View from the train yesterday. I know it's december, but I wanted to dive in...

Friday, 7 December 2007

the 'I met you in a past life' story

I thought I'd be writing about this with a bit more sarcasm and a tad more relish. But actually, the more I think about it the more depressing it seems.
To cut a long, confusing and rambling story short-
I was feeling a bit low (as it turned out was just because I was getting ill which has been a fairly regular occurrence in India), my yoga teacher noticed and drew loads of attention to me during the class. I somehow couldn't find a polite way to tell this person where to go. He blew the whole thing out of proportion and decided that I was feeling this way because of a reaction my soul was having to his (apparently we knew each other from a past life...).
So, that was a bit creepy.
he had this disciple type woman who seemed to be quite in awe of him and they were both 'reiki masters'. he asked me to come back later so we could all talk about reiki etc. I decided to go and just explain that I wasn't interested and don't have the kind of beliefs that would allow me to agree with his perception of the situation. I went and the whole thing was creepy and, I can't find any other word than, 'phoney'. I think had I been a more vulnerable person or more unhappy and in need of answers then they both could have probably drawn me in. I think my initial plan to debate the thing with them was unrealistic. When people operate this way they don't tend to be rational, probably because they're too busy being mystical and persuasive. I'm making it seem like some kind of cultish thing. Perhaps that's a bit overdramatic. When I was speaking with the two of them they came out with a lot of stuff which I can imagine people might find appealing and a lot of spiritual ideas and explanations. But it felt manipulative, and must do to most people since he'd only actually recruited one 'disciple'!
I seem to be becoming more of a confirmed atheist here than anything else!
I met someone the other day who had also met this bloke and he said he found him quite fake as well. He didn't seem to have had quite the same experience as me, though.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

my hair 2007

as the year comes to a close I find myself reflecting on the journey my hair has taken.
first, we had the random cut in London. that was ok.
then we had the accidental asymmetric experience in the Austrian gay bar. that was upsetting initally, but grew to be if not attractive then interesting.
next we had the 50p haircut in an indian barbershop. I cannot deny that that one lacked style. and shape.
finally we have the German lady cutting my hair in an alley beside a hotel in Goa. that was bewildering.

and at the end of it all I am forced to concede that I seem to have a mullet. I never thought this would happen to me.
I foresee that 2008 will see me taking back control of my barnet.

Giant squirrels update

ok, I am now at a nature reserve. In two days time I will be setting off in search of the Giant squirrel. Very excited.

The Ken Livingstone Cafe

Spotted at Ernakulam ferry Port in Kerala.
The two guys working there are very proud of the name. Apparently the owner saw Ken on TV a few times and thinks he's a very famous man. They've been in the Evening Standard and have a battered copy of the article in a plastic sleeve. Evidently I loved it a lot, good to see our Ken getting some global support.

bus journey amusements

reading random signs.
spotted today - 'The Cardamon Research Foundation'
resultant feeling - bemusement and intrigue
speculations on WHAT THIS COULD BE ABOUT, including potential conversations that might even take place inside the Foundation-
"Well, what can we use this for?",
"We already use it to flavour lassies, tea and icecream"
"Yes we do, and it's very good",
"Yes it is, what else could we use it for?"
"I don't know, let's research it..."